Our folk dance group was found in 1982 and named UPSIJAD (meaning hoppers in English). Since 2011 we are the members of CIOFF (International Council of Organizers of Folklore Festivals).
We try to dance, sing and play in the way our grandmothers and grandfathers enjoyed themselves. In addition to old folk dance our programs also contain authors’ dances spiced with contemporary music. 
But all dances performed by us no matter if folklore or authors’ ones are based on evergreen topic – relation between two sex.
We are a folk dance group UPSIJAD in Estonia, a small country in the Baltics. Our history contains good days as well as bad ones, joy and grief. But in spite of everything Estonians have kept their culture pure.
Population of Estonia is only approx.1,4 million. We represent the second biggest town Tartu, called also “The City of Good Thoughts” that has only 100.000 inhabitants. You may judge Tartu to be a really tiny municipality, but for us it is the best and beloved place on earth.
Currently the group has 22 active members (by the way: quite a number of them being couples) of many different professions starting from wageworkers up to scientists who all gather for pleasant company and agreeable activity - dancing. Self-achievement and joy of performance is an award to tough trainings improved by the possibility to learn more about the culture of different countries as well as to introduce Estonian folk dance in our turn. Dancing trips have taken us to various countries last of them being Russia, South-Korea, Azores Islands. We really enjoy making friends to Estonia and to our folk culture. In 2010 in South Korea we were awarded special prize for introducing our country.